Death Insurance

Your house is burgled. You don’t have insurance. The interest rate drops. You just fixed your mortgage rate: negative equity. Third party fire and theft insurance on your car with a big loan. You crash. It’s your own fault. In all these situations we would wish we’d invested in some protection. Better insurancePESACH-blood-on-the-door in case the worst happens.

What about the worst case scenario and we lose our life. There are lots of things we may worry about. What have we left to our loved ones? Will anyone remember me? Surely the most serious question of all is, ‘What will I say to my maker?’ Surely we need some insurance there too. But what would that be? If you were standing before Jesus answering for yourself, what could you say? What should you say? Perhaps that you are a really nice person. Or that you are at least better than most people. Maybe that you said prayers every night before sleep.

God gives us insurance. In Exodus Egypt was about to be visited by the final plague, death. What would they need for protection? Get me out of here comes to mind! But no. In Exodus 12.7 they are told to put the blood of a lamb over their door posts. That doesn’t really sound like strong protection does it. They must have been tempted to bar their doors, block up the windows or just run away. What God asked seemed like foolishness. But by that blood the angel of death passed over those houses. By that blood they were saved, freed, able to reach the promised land.

If that was true for the picture or type of Christ who would take away the sins of the world just imagine what Jesus blood can do. It washes away sins and allows us to be in the presence of God. It may seem foolish, it’s never going to sound wise to the world. But it is the only way we can stand before the Father. It is the means of the defeat of Satan. It is the means of our forgiveness. In the end though it isn’t an insurance policy, you may never crash your car or have money problems but you will stand before God. Our need for the blood of Christ is certain.

‘The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.’

– 1 Corinthians 1.18

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